Thursday, August 16, 2012

What fun

What fun it is to feed the sheep because it seems they really appreciate it.  Well I didn't have my camera there but feeding apples to sheep is really a lot of fun.  Why apples? Well Grandpa and Grandma have several apple trees that were dropping their fruit on the ground because of the wind. So we fill buckets with the apples on the ground and feed them to the sheep.  It is fun to hear them crunch on the apples and then look for the other half as part of the apple drops out as they take a bite. In one pen I just tossed them in the pen one at a time as I didn't want to trudge out to the feed bunk.  How fun watching them trying to follow the apples bouncing in the pen.  Maybe I will get a picture of it someday.  Silly sheep.

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