Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Outside!

It has warmed up and were able to let the pigs outside.  Some got to go to the outside pen.  They had fun exploring the pen. Maggie, our dog, watched from the outside - not sure what to think of them.  Soon they will be finding a mud hole to play in. (When it warms up for real.)


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ducklings are here!

Yup the duckies are here.  Because of the cold we had to keep them in the house for a week. Now it warmed up but are still in the pen with the heat lamp.  Because ducks are seasonal for setting eggs, the farmer we got them from didn't have a lot to sell, so we only could get 10 ducklings this year. It was fun to watch them and they have already grown a lot.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Done Pig Shopping

Good news - we are done Pig shopping for 2013.  We don't have pigs on the farm all year on our farm but we have a lot of fun with them for the fair.  To be able to show them at the county fair and state fair we have to have all our pigs purchased by May 15 and have all the paper work in.  So the last couple of weeks we have been using our weekends to pig shop.  Andrew has been looking online at a lot of pigs and learning about the different sires.  He talks to several "real" pig farmers to learn.  This was our last sale, as we have enough pigs now, and here we are in the background watching the auctioneer (in black hat) take bids.  This is the one pig we bought at this sale.