Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lamb Lead

Here we are in Lamb Lead.  This is a contest where we lead a sheep, wear something that is at least 70% wool and get interviewed by a judge about wool, sheep and the sheep industry.  We have learned a lot about wool by being in this contest.  Did you know that wool not only keeps you warm but is stretchy, last a long time (Mom says durable) and is a renewable resource?  Our Suffolk sheep have medium to course wool which is good for sweaters and rugs. But my sweater (thats me in the blue sweatshirt) is from Merino wool.  Merino is a different breed of sheep that has really really soft fine wool.  My sweatshirt wasn't itchy at all, and it had a skateboarder on it.

Why do we do lamb lead?  To show the public that wool is something that anyone can wear, it is beautiful, comforable and versitile.

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