Monday, February 20, 2012

Weigh & Tag Day

Hello again.

Today we weighed all the calves that have been born so far.  We used the orange scale that you see in the picture with Hannah and the calf we named Flo.  It is important to weigh the calves so we know how much they grow.  If a cow has lots of milk for the calf then it will grow faster. 

We also put tags in their ears so we know which calf is which.  If a calf is sick we need to bring in the cow and the calf - so we need to know which calf belongs to which cow.  Also on the tag we put the name of the sire (or father) of the calf.  The calves also get a tatoo just in side the ear.  In one ear we put the number just in case the calf loses it tag.  The other ear we put the PMRB which is our farm tatoo that is registered with the Red Angus Association of America.

See me with Flo one of the twins that we feed a bottle.  We put her name on the front and number on the back of the tag.  Dad uses a dremel with these special tags - that way the number doesn't wear away - its ground in.

See you later

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Calves again 2012

Yahoo.  We have our first calves.  We have had 2 sets of twins.  They are really cute.  The heifer that Samantha showed last year was the first set - they both were heifers.  We are giving the bottle to one of them since she is a first time momma.  She may be little but drinks really fast.  Hannah and I named her Flo, even though Samantha didn't like the name.  Flo seems like a good name for her.  See her picture?  We had to move her to a better pen and I led her to the pen by letting her suck on my finger.