Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello.  Like Isaac said we had our first cattle show.  I showed Nora otherwise known as 014.  She is my sisters heifer but she let me show her for now.  Nora did really well. She was Champion Breeding Heifer at this show.  I was excited to do that well with her even though this is a smaller show.  Just like Isaac, I competed in showmanship.  This is where the judge chooses the people that he thinks that does the best job presenting their animals.  I won the Intermediate Showman award.  I was really excited to be chosen.  Our sister Samantha was champion senior showman.

We have so much more to tell you  - so we will try to add a bunch more soon. 


Tis the Season!

Hello again friends.  We have been pretty busy this spring with my sister's graduation, my brother's confirmation, ball games and track meets. 

But we also have started tying up the big heifers and this weekend we had our first show.  It was exciting, because now I am in real 4-H and can show my heifer by myself.  Here I am with my heifer 097.  She is one year old and should be pregnant.  She behaved really good in the show ring.  There were 7 heifers in her class.  The judge put 097 and I right in the middle of the class.  Later they judged us on showmanship and I got reserve champion showman in the junior class.  I was really happy to do so well.  Hannah showed too but she will have to tell you how she did.