Thursday, September 6, 2012

Talking to people at the fair

The State Fair. Each year for two weekends my family goes to the state fair with animals.  One of my favorite things is to talk to other kids and their parents about our animals. Letting them pet or brush our animals is fun. Often we see kids petting animals with out asking which can be ok because most animals at the fair are used to it. But there are some animals that are not as friendly - just like some dogs are not as friendly.  So if you are going to pet an animal always ask. My sister and I want the kids to enjoy their limited time with the animal and for the kids to be safe.
We answered lots of questions at the fair.  Most couldn't believe that the little calves were just 6 months old.
It is fun to talk to the people and my dad says its really important to teach those from the city about livestock.

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